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Spillproof Drinking Cups

Value Medical Supplies offers a large selection of arthritis relief products.
We also offer handicap assistance supplies and aids to daily living.

2 Handle Mug with 2 Lids
-2 Easy Grip Handles
-Wide sturdy base
-Holds up to 10 ounces
-Holds hot or cold liquids
-clear and strong polycarbonate
-Institutional dishwasher safe
-Comes with both spout and anit splash lids
Price $11.99 ea.
Free Shipping in the USA

Spillproof Cup
-Lightweight spillproof drinking cup
-Cup can be filled with up to 7 ounces of warm or cold liquid.
-Once the lid is screwed on the liquid will not spill out
even if the cup is turned completely upside down!
Price $9.59 ea.
Free Shipping in the USA

Nosey Cups
-Nosey cups have an opening for the nose
-Allows drinking without tilting the head
-Smooth molded drinking surface
-Institutional dishwasher safe
Price $7.99
Free Shipping in the USA


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